Interview with Canadian Cory Wallace

Interview with Canadian Cory Wallace, a World Champion and longtime Squirt Cycling Products Ambassador.

Canadian Cory Wallace is a 4-time, World Solo 24hr Champion, multiple Canadian national marathon champion, owns the current FKT (Fastest Known Time) up Mt Kilimanjaro and breaks endurance mountain biking records with alarming regularity. He is clearly no ordinary man! One might wonder why a cyclist of his calibre isn’t in the spotlight more, but if you get to know him a bit better you’ll find a down-to-earth guy seeking adventure and challenges, not fame.  We caught up with Cory to find out what makes him tick:

Who is Cory Wallace?

Cory Wallace grew up in the Canadian rocky mountain town of Jasper Alberta and currently races mountain bikes and gravel bikes around the World for The Kona Bicycle Co.

Where is home?

Home is currently NFA.  Living the nomadic life chasing races and adventures around North America in the summer months then heading to warmer pastures to do the same in the winter

When did you fall in love with bikes?

I fell in love with bikes at a young age so I could get to and back from school in Jasper and then head out to the best fishing spots in the mountains.

What is it that attracts you to the sport?

I'm attracted to cycling to meet new people, see new lands, and challenge myself physically.

Favourite Food?

Favourite food is fresh food from the land. This depends on where I am but I like the idea of eating whatever is local, un processed, and has a small carbon footprint to get to my stomach.  Coconuts are a favourite as they provide water, good fats and a reusable bowl to eat other food out of.

Strangest food you were thinking of while riding?

One time we were served fermented horse milk and camel cheese at the finish line of a race in Mongolia.  It was horrible and I still get flashbacks to this traumatizing experience some days while riding.

 Lucky charm?

Lucky Charm is an Inukshuk which I wear around my neck. An Inukshuk is a type of manmade stone landmark built by the Inuit and other people of the Artic region, traditionally to mark the direction of travel.  It is often used to symbolize safety, hope and friendship.

What do you always take on a trip?

I always take my phone on a trip as it is the most versatile object any of us likely own.

What would you be if you were not a racer?

If I wasn't a racer I'd be a mountaineer.

You’re favourite Squirt Cycling Product?

My favourite Squirt Cycling Product is the Long Lasting Wax Lube

Best tip for MTB beginners?

My best tip for MTB beginners is to go to a fun event, learn from the pros, and to just ride as much as you can.

I like my coffee… Dark.

I would love to go ride with… Nino.

The secret to happiness is… being in nature.

My greatest exhilaration… is winning races.

I fear…flat tires.

Passion is…cycling and travelling to the far reaches of the World.

When I wake up… I enjoy a green tea or coffee then a short meditation.

I wish… everyone had access to a bike and realized how powerful of a tool it can be to stay healthy, get places and to meet new people.

I rage… at bicycle tubes as they generally always go flat. 

Rider Profile

Name: Cory Wallace

Nickname: Wally

Age: 38

Birthdate July 13 1984

Birthplace: Mcbride, BC

Height: 5'10

Shoe size: 42