Squirt Chain Lube Eco Box


The 5-liter Chain Lube Eco Box contains Squirt’s acclaimed wax and water emulsion chain lubricant. The Eco-Box is designed to allow individuals to refill their Squirt Chain Lube bottles at their local bike shop, thereby reducing the amount of plastic waste.

Please note, the Chain Lube Eco Box itself is not available for purchase by the consumer, only by distributors and bike shops. Please visit your nearest bike shop to refill your 120ml Squirt Chain Lube bottle - if they don’t stock a Chain Lube Eco Box yet, please request them to order one from us!

  • Saves up to 42 Plastic bottles 
  • Customers can bring their own used Squirt Chain Lube bottles
  • 5-litre box is made from recycled paper, fully biodegradable and 100% recyclable

For more information or to order the Chain Lube Eco Box please get in touch  - shop@squirtcycling.us