Q & A with Squirt Cycling Ambassador Mary McConneloug

Mary McConneloug is a 2 x Olympian (Athens 2004 and Beijing 2008), 4 x US National MTB Champion and the 2017 Masters Enduro MTB World Champion.  Most recently she won the 2022 Pan American Cyclocross Championships for Masters (50-54) just to mention a few of her staggering achievements in cycling. We’ve all got to know Mary and her husband Mike Broderick as @mikeandmaryride or M & M. They are a powerful racing couple wo travel & race together all over the world, but what makes them tick..?

Let’s find out…

More about Mary McConneloug

Mary was born and raised in Fairfax, CA where she and her 4 siblings enjoyed playing in the hills of Marin County. She received her Bachelor of Music degree in Vocal Performance from Santa Clara University, CA (1993).  She was always interested in sports - but did not discover competitive XC Mountain Bike racing until 1997 while living in Bend, Oregon.  She has since been hooked on the ultimate challenge of pushing her mind, body and spirit to be the best she can be on her bike and in life.   

She loves to get creative in the kitchen, fuelling their days with good healthy foods including bone broths, fresh vegetables, and good protein sources.  Mary loves the outdoors, riding in new places where cars cannot go.  She manages many of the fine details necessary to run their professional race team. 

Mary loves to bake healthy treats, garden and is currently learning to surf waves on her SUP.  She is an advocate for healthy active lifestyles and loves sharing that passion with others. She has coached herself from the beginning and is currently starting her own practice of coaching /mentoring others.  She holds a nutrition based philosophy combining lifestyle balance and periodization training techniques to reach fitness goals.

Mary, where is home?

Martha’s Vineyard, MA

When did you fall in love with bikes?

When I was 6 I learned to ride my bike.  Riding to school with my sisters and brother was such a great form of freedom.  Pedalling myself to and from School, to soccer practice and then home again gave me wings (And probably started my “base miles” at an early age).

My parents showed me and my 4 siblings the back routes to take and taught us how to follow traffic rules.  It was great to ride with my sisters and brother for pack safety.  

What is it that attracts you to the sport?

Getting out in nature, seeing the beauty and peace - it is my favourite place to be.  Also propelling myself on a bike to the top of a mountain with my own power and descending back is the ultimate feeling of joy and accomplishment!

Favourite Food?

I love making food that nourishes and taste delicious.  Salty, sweet, bitter, all the colours, all the best sources.  Bacon without nitrates, organic, farm fresh and home grown vegetables. And, being resolved to love the process because food tastes better when made with love!

Strangest food you were thinking of while riding?

Pickle juice

Lucky charm?

My Bike

What do you always take on a trip?

My Pillow

What would you be if you were not a racer?

A Teacher or Bike Guide.

Your favourite Squirt Cycling Product?

Squirt chain lube and Barrier Balm!!

Best tip for MTB beginners?

Make sure that your bike fits you (and make sure to have fun).

I like my coffee… ground and brewed fresh in the morning - either French press or drip. Jim’s Organic French Roast Coffee with Half and Half! Mmm…

I would love to go ride with... Myself right now. The release, the thoughts, the choice to turn where I want, to take my own pace - a healing part of getting out to pedal!  I also really love to ride with Mike!!!  He makes me fast!

The secret to my happiness… is keeping a balance - with work, exercise, play, good food, and rest.  Connection with family and friends is an important part of that balance.

My greatest exhilaration…planning to compete at an event, organizing the details from training, to logistics, to executing  on the day (s) and then coming out smiling with a new experience and lessons learned (and to stand on the podium is an exhilarating bonus). The process from dreaming up to becoming a reality is a roller coaster I love to ride!!

I fear…the heavy ocean waves and not being able to breathe.  I also fear the cold and tend to overdress.

Passion…. I think everyone should follow their unique passion, whatever that may be - dream big!! SO here’s to living life with Passion!!  

When I wake up… I am excited to check off my list of all the things I want to do!!! 

I wish… everyone could understand the correlation between riding bikes, eating great food and being happily satisfied in life.

I rage…when I see other’s being mean or reinforcing negative though patterns.

Rider Profile’s

  1. Name: Mary McConneloug
  2. Nickname: Mary Mack
  3. Age: 51
  4. Birthdate: 6/24/1971
  5. Birthplace: San Francisco, CA
  6. Height: 5’5”
  7. Shoe size: 7.5

Next up we'll be catching up with Mary's other half - Mike Broderick.