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GCN video comments:

   - Here is the name of an incredible wax based lube for those of you who haven’t found it yet. The retail  name for it is “SQUIRT”.
   After all the latex and lube comments I suppose Ollie just couldn’t come around to calling out the name.
   It’s great stuff.

   - Lol @ how you avoid naming the squirt as they're not sponsors

   - Ollie still on the Squirt lube despite sponsorship. Been using for the last few years since he mentioned on CW, great stuff!

   - I guess you'll never know the best lube of choice was squirt since they didn't pay the bill. Come on latex, lube, squirt, couldn't you drop the selling out for once?

   - I can attest that the wax emulsion lubricant in this video "Squirt" is amazing other than watts it keeps your drivetrain clean and lasts around 400km per application it's really unlike any lube I've ever used.

   - He is using Squirt chain lube. Good stuff.

   - Love the channel. Watch every video. It’s a shame you mask the squirt brand because they don’t pay you. A balance between sponsor and unsponsored products is really important to keep audience trust.

   - Actually I think I answered my own question. Looking at the graph on the article https://cyclingtips.com/2018/03/fast-chain-lube-that-saves-you-money/, what I use currently WD40 bike dry lube is at about the median, and is 1.2 watts worse than squirt (I think over 400km).   But more importantly, I read that squirt is biodegradable which is probably more environmentally friendly!

   There are still people who do not know wax lubes exists!:

   - He doesn't mention what type of lube!!  If it's supposed to be comparable to waxing the chain, I'm interested.  However it's absolutely useless without a name of the ingredients or a bland name!!

   And one idiot:

   - Good idea for the lub BUT Olie you forgot one big important part of the study : the chain wear with this lube is very bad/fast compare to wax because the problem with this wax lubricants (squirt or Smoove) is that as they are very viscous therefore have a hard time finding their way inside the lubrication gap to the pin and if you can't achieve that you'll not be able to match the same watt saving as in the study so not ideal you''ll agree... You won't have this problem with proper wax though so that mean you'll be sure to save those watts without any doubts and for the same cost in the end...

   Best advice:

   - Have you considered having your collarbones broken and reset to make your shoulders narrower and more aero?