National Interscholastic Cycling Association

“Squirt Cycling Products is a strong supporter of NICA and our goal to get #morekidsonbikes. Squirt has been integral in our efforts through their support of our NICA Leagues and the NICA National Conference.  They have also been incredibly engaged with our community and have been generous with in-kind support of their product. Squirt Chain Lube and Squirt Bike Cleaner are among the products we recommend to all of our riders and coaches” 

Steve Matous, President of the National Interscholastic Cycling Association. 


"Since 2016, Squirt Lube has been an active supporter of the positive impact the simple act of riding bikes has on youth and families. They believe in our program that fosters healthy habits in youth and strengthens family bonds from the saddle of a mountain bike. Together we build community and empower youth one pedal stroke at a time."

Kate Rau, Executive Director, Colorado High School Cycling League

The Colorado High School Cycling League is a 501(c)(3) non-profit youth development organization, that serves students in Colorado, Wyoming, and New Mexico. NICA's purpose is to build strong minds, bodies, and character, guided by the principles of inclusivity and equality. The Colorado league produces an interscholastic mountain bike race series and provides training and education to support coaches teams. They also provide a comprehensive infrastructure to grow youth cycling in a fun, safe, and professional manner. 

NICA strongly believes that prevention reduces the need for intervention. Together they foster healthy habits in youth, develop self-confidence, cultivate leadership, and strengthen family bonds one pedal stroke at a time.



"The Montana League has been loving all things Squirt. We don't know how they do it, but chain lube that keeps the bike running smooth and stays clean is a game changer. The bike wash and tire sealant are top notch as well. We couldn't be more psyched with this partnership. What better than having the support of a company that keeps our student-athletes' bikes clean, drivetrains running smooth, and air in the tires? Thanks Squirt!"

Sam Schultz, League Director, Montana High School League

Photo: Seth Neilson


“Squirt has been a huge supporter of the West Virginia Interscholastic League from day one! They stand behind their environmentally friendly products, and they love and care about the bike industry. Whether you’re looking for  tire sealant, chain lube, or bike cleaner….Squirt products are the right choice for you!” 

Cassie Smith, League Director, West Virginia High School League

 "The Idaho Interscholastic Cycling League is stoked to have Squirt Lube as a continued sponsor for the 2020 season.  It's a huge hit with the riders and team coaches.  From wet to mud to moondust, our races have just about every condition you can think of, and the racers are constantly cleaning and lubing their chains throughout the day.  Having Squirt products on site to clean the drivetrains really improves the racing for everyone.  We love it!"

Chris Wyatt, Director of Stoke, Idaho Interscholastic Mtn Bike League

“While Squirt has been a loyal sponsor of the New Jersey Interscholastic Cycling (NICA) League since our inception, it's the unrivalled excellence of their lube that has turned the New Jersey NICA community into true believers. Thank you Squirt for helping us get #morekidsonbikes in New Jersey.”

Tom Kruse, Founding League Director - NJ NICA


"Squirt Cycling Products has supported the Florida NICA league from the start. Superior products and a tremendous company all around. Thank you!"

Max Gledhill, Founder and League Director, Florida Interscholastic Cycling League

"Squirt Lube has seen the value of getting kids on bikes since we started our league with 60 kids in 2013. They've been an instrumental partner in growing our community to 1500+ student-athletes as we prepare for our 8th season."

Kathy Mock - Co-Director, Wisconsin High School Cycling League


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