Why Squirt Bike Cleaner works

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Squirt Biodegradable Bike Cleaner is an effective, mild degreaser and bike wash for proper cleaning that is not harmful. It contains no free caustic, is biodegradable and non-corrosive. Available as a 5L (169 Oz) Concentrate, 30ml (1 Oz) Super Concentrate and 750ml (24 Oz) Ready-to-use spray.


Bike wash Squirt 750ml
  • Removes stubborn dirt
  • Not harmful to you, your bike or the environment
  • Suitable for all bike types
  • For gentle cleaning, dilute one Super Concentrate Sachet with 750ml (24 Oz) water and normal Concentrate with 1 part concentrate and 25 parts water
  • For degreasing dilute Super Concentrate 1:6 and use Concentrate undiluted  


The new Biodegradable Bike Cleaner 30ml Super Concentrate sachet will replace both the existing pre-mixed 750ml (25 Oz) Ready-to-use spray and the 1-litre (34 Oz) Concentrate bottles. However, customers who require a spray bottle will have the opportunity to buy a non-filled 750ml (25 Oz) spray bottle + 3 sachet combo at a very competitive price. The spray bottle can be reused multiple times, which means that although all plastic is not eliminated, there is still a reduction of about 30% in the resulting plastic waste. After use, the spray bottles can be recycled, and we encourage you to do so.


Why a sachet?
With this new addition to our product range, we aim to reduce the volume of single-use plastic waste that leaves our factory without compromising on the quality and ease of use of our current biodegradable bike cleaning products.

The formula
The new Bike Cleaner Super Concentrate is based on our existing Bike Cleaner formula. The formula contains very little water, which means that large volumes of potable water are not being shipped across the globe from South Africa, which is listed as a water-scarce country.

Plastic reduction & savings

Our new 30ml Super Concentrate Sachets reduce plastic use by more than 90% when compared to the current 1-litre concentrate bottles. The plastic used in the Bike Cleaner sachets can be repurposed (up-cycled) into a new plastic stream or can be converted to fuel in waste-to-energy plants. However, should the sachets fail to reach the recycling stream as happens in so many instances, we know that we have tried to minimise the plastic from our factory that will make its way into landfills. Secondary plastic use specifically for bulk packaging (used for shrink wrapping nozzles to 750ml bottles) will also be eliminated. The smaller sachets result in smaller packaging volumes, which makes long-distance shipping around the globe more economical. In turn, this translates into cost savings for the end-user.

 More tech: Squirt Bike Cleaner is a blend of non-ionic surfactants for cleaning (derived from natural renewable raw materials), corrosion inhibitors, builders, chelating agents and non-carcinogenic foam stabilisers. It is an environmentally safe water-based alkaline degreaser and cleaner that is free of alkylphenol ethoxylates (APEO), nonyl phenol (NP) and phosphates.  It is biodegradable according to EEC Objectives 73/404/EEC (biodegradation of surfactants with a Prim.Degra. of > 90%).  SBC does not contain any paraffin solvents, glycols or any glycol ethers.  It is safe to use on steel, aluminum, rubber and garments - safe for your bike.


Squirt Bike Cleaner Foam Spray