National Interscholastic Cycling Association 

The National Interscholastic Cycling Association was established in 2009 to create interscholastic mountain biking programs for student-athletes across the United States.

Squirt Cycling Products is pleased to continue its partnership with 20 NICA regional leagues in 2023. NICA’s main goal is to encourage more children to ride bikes in a way that fosters a lifelong passion for the sport. NICA is all about having amazing adventures with your teammates while tackling both small and epic challenges.

These are aspirations that resonate with Squirt Cycling and we want to be part of a community where children ride bicycles to strengthen minds, bodies and character.

To equip volunteer coaches with the knowledge, skills, and abilities to deliver high-quality programming to NICA student-athletes, NICA offers a Coach Education Program. This is the foundation for training exceptional youth coaches who can help realize NICA's goals and vision.

Supporting NICA gives Squirt Cycling the opportunity to become involved at grassroots level where it matters most.

Working directly with the coaches and schools allows us to build personal relationships so that we can offer tailored back-up.

Providing our biodegradable bike maintenance products - Tire Sealant, Bike Wash, Barrier Balm, and Chain Lube – is an important part of our collaboration so that kids and coaches can learn how to properly maintain their bikes and reach their full potential.

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In support of Junior Cycling:

Tristan Nortjé, 2018 SA Junior Marathon Champion


In support of Junior Cycling:

Tristan Nortjé, 2018 SA Junior Marathon Champion