Why Squirt Chain Lube works

  ✺    Clean     ✺    Efficient   ✺    Long Lasting    ✺    Biodegradable   ✺

We all like a clean, smooth-running and quiet drive train - even in dust and mud where we sometimes prefer to ride. Squirt does just that.

✺    Squirt lube is a wax in water emulsion, the first of a new concept in chain lubrication. When applied to the chain, the water evaporates leaving behind a solid layer of lubricating wax. This dry layer does not attract dirt or dust and the chain stays clean.

✺    Squirt contains different waxes for optimum performance, including efficient lubrication and adherence to the chain. Because its dry, build-up doesn't occur and no grinding paste forms, extending drive train life.

✺    As a drip lube, Squirt's efficiency is almost unrivaled. Various tests (on equipment measuring to one-fiftieth of a watt) have illustrated its ability to save watts, as indicated on the combined graph published in VeloNews (2013pdf, 2014pdf). Hunter Allan, specialist in saving watts confirms this.

 What James Huang and Jason Smith say..

✺   Squirt is readily biodegradable. Consisting of mainly long-chain natural carbon waxes and water with no organic solvents, bio-degradation of 88% occurs in 28 days (ThOD calculated according to the manometric respirometry method - OECD 301F, 1992).

One of the major reasons for drive train wear is the collection of impurities  by conventional lubes forming a grinding paste - the front ring tattoo on your calf is a good reminder. This does not occur with Squirt and drive train life is extended.
Once you start using Squirt, cleaning and de-greasing regularly is not necessary anymore. Because it stays clean with hardly any build-up, you can just keep on applying when needed. The carefully selected range of waxes does the job.


Squirt SPEED PROTOTYPE is not commercially available*


Squirt E-Bike Lube

Squirt Low Temp Chain Lube 120ml

 Demands on the drive train of an E-bike is higher than on regular bikes. With constant momentum change, continual application of more rotational force and higher total average mass, chains can wear out faster than on regular bikes. Squirt E-Bike lube contains the same basic formula as Squirt Chain Lube with added high-pressure lubricants to restrict disproportionate chain wear.




Squirt Low-Temp Lube

How do lubricants behave and perform in temperatures below freezing? In general, lubricants thicken, increasing viscous drag and reducing efficiency. This happens to both oils and waxes, including waxes used in Squirt. Although Squirt is a dry lubricant, it still performs best at a certain hardness. To maintain optimum functionality at extremely low temperatures, we have developed Low-Temp. This formula maintains performance at very low temperatures by stabilising wax consistency. Suggested operating temperature range: minus 20℃ (-4℉) to 5℃ (40℉)

Snow riding, especially fat bike, has gained popularity and with ever-increasing improvement in riding gear and protective clothing, it continues to grow.

Squirt is the official lube sponsor at the 2020 Fat Bike World Championships.

Squirt Low-Temp can be used in warmer conditions but will not last as long in summer temperatures and will have to be re-applied more often.

 Photo by Robby Lloyd/Lucid Images

How to apply Squirt Long Lasting Chain Lube:

All about application (pdf)   Hunter Allen, (author of "Training and racing with a power meter " - leave site)