Bike Fleets

Demo bikes are the workhorses of brands and often a rider's first experience with a bike he or she desires. Importance of a good functioning machine is obvious and a good impression on the test rider a crucial part of the manufacturer's marketing strategy. This is why fleets choose Squirt. It ensures a silky smooth chain that stays clean and run super efficiently. Maintenance and cleaning of the drivetrain is reduced and service intervals extended, as is the drivetrain life.


Says David Turner: 

"I already have several demos converted as well as a few of our personal bikes. In the last week I got up to 9 hours on a Squirt treated MTB chain before needing to reapply. True, the dust is not bad yet this time of year, but even with low dust conditions, 9 hours is over double what any oily lube would have given worked."  (Photo: Colin Meagher)