Cargo Shipping and PSHB

Polyphagous Shot Hole Borer


Covid-19 is killing people - many. From virtually nowhere to unprecedented international crises in a very short time. But what about organisms that do not affect us directly - certainly they get around as well. We do not treat them with the same urgency, yet PSHB can kill millions of trees. Imagine the shipping trade and Ambrosia beetle, an invader from Southeast Asia eating and destroying California's trees. This beetle has and still is spreading the world over, killing trees wherever cargo is shipped to in untreated or badly treated wooden crates. 

Squirt products are shipped in crates to more than 40 countries the world over and could potentially contribute to this problem. That is why we assemble our shipping crates in-house from ISPM15 certified wood, a safe, renewable source from controlled plantations in our area.