Why SEAL works

SEAL's mode of action is based on three components: latex, micro-fibers and BeadBlock™ granules. Synthetic latex liquid (ammonia-free) forms the base in which the microfibres are suspended and BeadBlock granules added. In the 150ml (5oz) size bottle, the BeadBlock granules are pre-added and only have to be added when the 1 liter and 5 liter sizes are used.

On sudden pressure change (when you get a puncture), the liquid rubber quickly solidifies around the hole in the tire. If it does not seal at once, the microfibers will start plugging the hole and in case of a puncture made by an object with a diameter of up to 6mm, the BeadBlock granules will do the rest.

How to fill your tire with the Squirt SEAL Easyfill Pouch:


  • ALWAYS Ensure the valve stem is clear and not blocked.  This is almost always the result of not getting sealant into the wheel.  Clear it by using a 2.5mm allen key, it works well enough to push out any old sealants or other blockages (core removed obviously).
  • Two methods for inserting sealant:
    • Method one:
      • Place the valve at 12 o’clock and secure the pouch to the stem.  Make sure there is an adequate amount of air in the pouch before doing this, it gives the required “propellant” to ensure the sealant is pushed into the tire when you apply pressure.
      • Once secured, rotate the wheel to 6 o’clock while doing this, at 4 o’clock start squeezing the pouch while still turning the wheel till the valve reaches 6 o’clock.  By this time, the sealant and the BeadBlocks will be in the wheel.
    • Method two
      • Locate the valve at 6 o’clock.
      • Keep the pouch in the upright position and fold the spout over (almost as if you are sealing a pack of crisps after opening it) to secure it onto the valve, pouch still in upright position.
      • Then, while turning the pouch upside down (for the fluid to flow out) squeeze it to transport the sealant into the wheel.
  • VERY IMPORATANT: After reading this, it should be clear that one wants to avoid all the BeadBlock settling in the bottom of the pouch and then only try to force it into the valve.  The two methods above ensure that the BeadBlock is transported gradually into the wheel with a lot of fluid (sealant). 

How to fill your tire with the 150ml bottle:

How to fill your tire using the 1 liter bottle