Bike Box Start-up winner at Eurobike 2019

This foldable re-usable bike transport box won the prestigious Eurobike Start-Up award in 2019 - read about it. (leave site)


"The ultimate foldable Travel BikeBox • Fits all bike sizes (MTB, road bike, Gravel, etc) • Weighs a mere 6kgs • 2 sizes: Fully opened the box measures 140 x 80 x 30cm (or 120x78x25cm). Folds into itself and uses 80% less storage space than a hardcover box measuring a mere 83 x 77 x 7cm (76 x 67 x 7cm). Can be stored in small spaces. • The product is made from strong and waterproof polypropylene and can be used for multiple journeys. • Includes protective inners to cover important components such as cassette, crank, derailleur, disc brakes and front shocks. • Includes a foldable “Box-in-the-Box” for storage of bike accessories. • Attachable wheels for easy moving around the airport."

About the Bike Box