Dear Squirt:

I want to thank you for your excellent product. After a long ride this summer, I was disappointed with my standard lube. I tried Squirt based on an article on the web and have found it to be the perfect lube for my daily commuting, trail, and road rides. The lube goes on very cleanly and without any petrochemical smell. For those who clean, lube, and store their bike inside the house it is very important to have no odor! 

I find the KMC K.10.93 chain stays very clean and very quiet. My SRAM cassette stays cleaner as well. Even riding in wet weather the chain stays smooth. Cleaning my chain has become much simpler. This winter I will try your cold-weather blend. But I anticipate using this great product for years to come. Thanks!

David in Washington, DC, November 2015.



   I just had to tell you of my experience using your product.  I was told approximately 18 months/6500 miles ago, by my very trusted mechanic that I would soon be needing an entirely new drive train on my Scott CR1 Road bike.  I told him I already have all the parts ready to go and asked when I should make an appointment to have the Chain, Inner Chain ring and new Dura-Ace Cassette installed?  He replied, saying that at this point in my drive train's life, there is no harm in running it to the ground. Just come in to have everything replaced when the gears start skipping around. His estimate was that this was going to happen within the next Five hundred to  one-thousand miles of riding maximum.  Before I left the shop, he did a gear adjustment and sent me on my way.  Ironically, and exactly after leaving the shop, a I thought I'd give Squirt Lubricant a try. I figured it claimed it was capable of keeping drive trains clean on bikes that are in much dirtier situations than mine being I am a road biker and I had heard some pretty powerful testimony from Cyclocross and Mountain bikers.  I gave it a shot or should I say Squirt.  Although it did take me longer to apply than my previous lubricant, I saved an enormous amount of time overall being I wasn't having to take the time to clean off all the parts of the drive train as I had with messier wetter lubes in the past.  So ultimately, I was saving time.  I thought I was being lazy because really all I was doing was taking a clean rag to wipe it down after my rides. For me that's being lazy.  Even visually looking at my drive train parts they appear cleaner than they ever have.  I found I am also saving time being I don't have to apply Squirt as frequently as I did my old lube.  Well here I am 18 months down the line with no less than 6500 more miles on the drive train and still using the same parts that were on the bike when my mechanic gave me the warning 18 months ago.  The entire system is more quiet than ever and shifting smoother than it ever has for the entire 15 thousand miles I have had the bike.  I am commonly asked by other bikers, "how in the hell do you keep your drive train so clean?"  My chain looks like a shiny nickle. I am so sold on this product for all the above reasons and have literally tried practically every brand of lubricant on the market. 

  I am needless to say, very excited to report my wonderful experience using Squirt Lubricant and had to share this story with you.  Feel free to share it with others if you'd like.

  One very happy Customer!

  Dominic Buscemi

I am the founder of CycleWerksProjek, a movement with supporters all over the world. The mission...we take care of members in the cycling community, trail systems and so forth...by donating only our time. Being in the military community, we especially focus taking care of active duty members and veterans who are financially dealing with hardships and in need of having their bikes running. I have been using Squirt chain lube since I first heard about you guys at a Gravel event, and have since then, not looked back. You're product is amazing. Drivetrain maintenance has become something that I look forward to when I know it come from my garage and Squirt has been used. All bikes that have rolled out has had ZERO issues after weeks of abuse in the hot and humid South Carolina climate. I wanted to let you guys know that it makes me proud to promote your product to anyone inquiring and I make it known to all bike owners whom I encounter, Squirt is the way to go. In a heavily saturated market where ***** *********  seemed to have been everyone's go to, Squirt is slowly creeping in based on word of mouth and of course, the obvious performance of the lubricant.

Gideon Scheepers, SC, 2020

To the Squirt Family

Firstly I would like to take this opportunity to thank you guys for your invite and including me on the great ‘social Forest Ride’ with Bradley Weiss, Squirts Cycling Products ambassador and 2019 Xterra World Champion held at the ‘The Farm’ on Saturday the 7th December.

It was fantastic to see how many locals (George and Plett included) pitched wearing the various colourful versions of Squirt Kit in acknowledgment to Bradley’s achievement and mostly to the great product that you guys have provided to us since 2003.

The added bonus of the invite was your kind gesture of meeting at ‘The Farm’ and being able to catch up with the great ‘Squirt Family’ over a wonderful coffee and a deliciously prepared burger!

 Secondly I would like to thank you guys for a superb product which I have used since I started to ride in 2006 and in saying that, I would like to provide you with some recorded information which I hope will be useful to you.

I purchased my Scott Scale 60 (hard tail) 27 speed in 2006 and firmly believe that even though she is getting a little tired, due to the use of your very reliable products I am still able to in, 2019, maintain an extreme relationship with my ‘old lady’ by riding her regularly.

Although I am confident to continue riding my ‘old lady’ I have decided to upgrade after all these years and to purchase a new bike this month and to put her into ‘semi-retirement!

As an ordinary rider, reflecting on the years of fun that I have documented and had with my faithful ‘old lady’, I remember not only the great friendships that I have made along the way and within the cycling community by taking part in various rides throughout the country, some hard core and many social.

What fascinates me the most however, is the thousands of trouble free kilometres that I have enjoyed on my bike which without a well built Scott and mostly your superb products this would not have been possible.

Herewith are some facts regarding the past 13 years of owning my Scott Scale 60

  • I was not able to ride my bike for 3 of the 13 years as I was working out the country so effectively I have only ridden my bike for 10 years.
  • Herewith to name a few examples of the extreme rides that this bike has participated in while using your product: - K2C, Sani2Sea, Baviaans, Absa Cape Epic, Attakwas etc
  • My Scott Scale 60 frame was replaced and upgraded by Scott to a Scale 40 frame in 2009. (All components from the Scale 60 were transferred to the new frame.)
  • All cycling info was recorded in conjunction with a Polar watch and my Beta-3 a sensor computer which I am still using today!
  • My recorded data from my Polar watch was lost when my laptop and watch was stolen in 2014, however my Beta-3 which records data until 20 000Km is still in operation. This computer has reached 20 000Km’s on three occasions and is currently sitting on 7 123Km.
  • I can therefore confirm that my bike has ridden 67 123Km. (However if the data of my Polar watch and computer were available there would have been proof of many more Km’s.)
  • I am currently riding on my fourth Cassette and have replaced between 10 to 12 chains.

In considering the above info I think it is only fair to mention that during the 10 years, only SQUIRT PRODUCTS were used on my bike so no comparison can be made to other products!

In closing it is an absolute privilege to have a small connection with SQUIRT while proudly wearing your Kit on rides!

Kind Regards

Donald Mackenzie.

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