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The old masters... Corad Stoltz and Nico Lebrun.

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MTB UK, September 2005. "Work the lube into the links and let it dry, and voila, you're left with a waxy coating that resists smeg build-up and ensures that your chain runs smoother than a cashmere codpiece."


Cycling Weekly, September 2008. We asked if this was the Holy Grail of chain lubes and it would certainly seem it's the closest we've come." (10/10)., June 2011. Chris Hilton reveals it all..


VTT, Feb 2013. Verdict? 10/10!


MountainBikeAction, March 2014. "For our dry and dusty conditions here in Southern California, where we test most often, we think of Squirt lube as a secret weapon. It takes friction out of our drive trains and runs super clean"