Q & A with Squirt Cycling Ambassador Mike Broderick

Mike Broderick and Mary Mcconneloug (aka M&M) are a dynamic Husband & Wife Bike Racing Team. At first we thought to interview them together, but to do their racing careers, achievements and motivations justice we decided to share their interviews separately. As such we interviewed Mary in our previous blog post (ladies first J) and to complete our M&M interview we caught up with Mike Broderick…

More about Mike Broderick

Mike was born and raised on Martha’s Vineyard, MA and he’s enjoyed riding in the woods, shredding dirt and surfing waves since he was a kid. In his 30+ years of MTB competition, he has ranked among the top of his field in Cross Country, Cyclocross, mixed team stage racing (with Mary) and most recently in the Masters racing at the Enduro World Series. Legendary for his technical handling skills and fitness, Mike has raced on the US National Team for over 10 years alongside Mary. He earned the Masters Enduro MTB World Champion Title in 2016 and has been amongst the top 5 of the enduro masters every year since.  His mechanic skills have stood him in good stead as he continues to tune and refine both his and Mary’s race machines. He earned his University degree with a Bachelor in English and minor in Art from Springfield University, MA (1995).

Let’s hear what makes Mike tick…

How did you and your wife Mary meet?

We met for the first time at a bike race in California but then luckily again in Mary’s home town the next day. I knew it was love at first sight but it took me the extra day to ask for a date so I got really lucky! 

Where is home? 

Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts  

When did you fall in love with bikes?  

My first rides on a two wheeler was as a 5 year old. I fell just after my dad let go of the saddle and I skinned my knees and hands but got back on the bike and found my way down the driveway grinning the whole way - just loving it!

What is it that attracts you to the sport?

I love to push the pedals, to go fast and get to places under my own power. Keeping up with my riding is great way to clear the head and stay mentally and physically sharp, it’s an essential part of what I do to take care of myself. I have had the chance to meet so many awesome people because of the bike and feel very fortunate to be involved and share this passion with others.  

Favourite food?  

Whatever Mary’s making for dinner! 

Strangest food you were thinking of while riding? 

Food is always on my mind while riding! I have thought of it all from one time to another. Perhaps I could respond with the strangest thing eaten on a ride…On one occasion I bonked so hard I ate grass on the side of the trail to try and get calories in to make it home!  

Lucky charm? 

That changes up quite often. Most typically would be something like a pocket sized stone, shell or stick picked up along the way.  

What do you always take on a trip? 

My pillow 

What would you be if you were not a racer?

I would be more involved in the coaching and guiding side of the sport.  

Your favourite Squirt Cycling Product?

Squirt Long Lasting Chain Lube

Best tip for MTB beginners?

Find the joy in every ride! 

I like my coffee…first thing in the morning.

I would love to go ride with… Mary is my favourite riding partner but I also enjoy my solitary time on the bike when I get out by myself. Then again there's nothing like getting out with a group of good friends with big old mountain bikes.

The secret to happiness…keeping fit and maintaining a positive mental attitude from the inside out. 

My greatest exhilaration…surfing big waves or downhill mountain biking. Top speeds are always a hoot and a good fast corner is a big buzz.  I also find it exhilarating to dial in a demanding line for the first time.  

I fear… lots of things when I am unsure of how they will affect me but always try to keep perspective and maintain a cool and calm demeanour. 

Passion… travel and adventure out and about on a mountain bike and/or surfboard. 

When I wake up…I love to spend a minute on the yoga mat to contemplate the day or if conditions permit, get in the water for a sunrise surf session!

I wish…that I will be able to keep on charging forever. 

I rage…when there is too much traffic! 

Rider Profile’s

  • Name: Michael Broderick
  • Nickname: Brick
  • Age: 48
  • Birthdate12/23/73
  • Birthplace: Martha’s Vineyard, MA 
  • Height: 5’9”
  • Shoe size: 11