What the Pro's say

"Squirt Lube is hands down the best chain lube I've ever used! Most of the rides and races I do are long and demanding, having a chain lube that is going to work for over 6 hours is not just an advantage it's a necessity."
Josh Tostado
I already have several demos converted as well as a few of our personal bikes. In the last week I got up to 9 hours on a Squirt treated MTB chain before needing to reapply. True the dust is not bad yet this time of year, but even with low dust conditions, 9 hours is over double what any oily lube would have given worked.
David Turner, founder of Turner Bikes
 When I use Squirt lube, the good thing is I know that I’m saving energy, because that’s the name of the game in cycling. Not just producing the most power but you also want to have really good energy conservation. If I can save a watt here and there, maybe even for watts or ten watts by using Squirt lube, that’s a big difference and I’ll take that advantage.
Hunter Allen, author of “Training and Racing with a Power Meter


“For many years I have been a big fan of Squirt Chain Lube. Squirt Chain Lube keeps your chain in perfect condition as it never gets dirty, due to the wax and water emulsion. I lube my chain before every ride using Squirt Chain Lube. For me, I will not use anything else on my chain.”

Bart Brentjens, first ever MTB Olympic champion, won in 1996. He was MTB world champion in 1995 and has 12 Dutch national titles in cross-country and marathon riding.