Novel Concept Lube

Water as a component of a chain lubricant which is water resistant and protects against rust is a contradiction in itself. Yet, Squirt introduced a new concept to the world of cycling by formulating a lube that uses water as a carrier to deliver selected waxes deep into the chain. With evaporation a dry microfilm of wax coats the chain - this repels water and dirt. Unlike oil formulations that form a contaminated paste that wears down the chain prematurely, Squirt stays clean, does not have to be de-greased and extends drive-train life.
Extensive independent testing on energy conservation on a wide variety of lubricants had been done by Friction Facts and it was conclusive that Squirt was the "most efficient drip lube ever tested". These tests had been performed on efficiency R&D equipment measuring up to one fiftieth of a watt.
"Friction facts has tested many extremely efficient lubes, with measured efficiency levels very close to that of paraffin wax. Paraffin was chosen as an example not only because it is presently the most efficient chain lubricant, but because of paraffin's unique material properties and non-traditional role as a lubricant, when compared to other traditional liquid-style chain lubricants"
Taken from "Friction producing mechanisms of a bicycle chain - Effectiveness of chain lubricants (pdf) for reducing frictional losses", 2014 Friction Facts LLC.